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About the skycam

The Sky cam is located at the roof of Sami High School and Reindeer Husbandry School in Kautokeino, at coordinates: 69° 0'31.446"N, 23° 2'4.045"E. The camera is a Sony alfa 7s, with a 28 mm lens and a fish converter (SEL057FEC). Students from the construction and technical and industrial production classes helped building the box in which the camera is placed. It was installed on the roof during the fall of 2018. The dome that covers and protects the camera was donated by the Swedish Institute of Space Physics in Kiruna.

Sony alfa 7s Inside the skycam box.

The box besides the camera is equipped with a computer, ethernet switch, a heater and a temperature sensor.

Construction students The box is on the roof.

Data archive

Note: 27.09.18 - 10.10.18 was a test period, during which the camera was rotated, and the settings adjusted. The images from the test period are also included in the data archive but may have a different rotation than the images taken after this period.